Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcoming Spring Inside Your Home....

While I impatiently wait for spring to arrive, I have been distracting myself from the 12 degree weather by finding ways to welcome spring into my home.  When I think of spring, I think of the words like fresh, bright, renewal.

I decided one way I could freshen up my home was by having my ceilings painted.  The majority of the walls in my home has either faux finishing or wallpaper that I am hoping will last another few years.   The ceilings, however, were looking quite gray (from all the cobwebs perhaps?) and the cracks everywhere, and marks (we tend to pick out Christmas trees that are alway a tad bit too tall) were bringing me down.

The ceilings were finished last Friday and, oh my goodness, what a difference it made!  It inspired me to keep going.

I have been meaning to tackle the long, boring, and empty hallway that leads in to my boy's room for the past four years.  It is time.  I ordered an antique mural to go on one side of the hallway.  It should arrive this weekend,  look for more before and after photos next week, (be gentle, it is my first time wallpapering!).

In order to prepare for the murals arrival, it seemed prudent to paint the hallway first.  Seeing the freshly painted hallway led me to painting the baseboards, window sills, and doors in their toom.  Brilliant!

I then pointed my paintbrush to the rest of the rooms on second floor, even gave my daughters white furniture a coat of paint for good measure!  I felt unstoppable, and was, at least until I was scraping the bottom of the paint can.

I am ready for bed, exhausted, and paint specks are still in my hair, but the bedrooms & second floor landing look brighter, and also brightened my mood, so it was definately worth it!

I just hope I can muster the energy to tackle the first floor tomorrow!

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