Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day; Breakfast is Ready!

I confess, I am not Irish.  I have no clear ties to the Irish culture except for two things:

1. I have three kids who, like I do, LOVE celebrating holidays (they make up their own just to celebrate them)

2. St. Patrick's Day also happens to be my wedding anniversary.

For these reasons, (plus the fact that it is my 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow), I felt like I needed to make an extra effort to make the morning special for my wee leanbhs.

I was planning to say "wee bairns", but through my research tonight, I learned that is not an Irish phrase, so please forgive my poor translation.

My husband is the one who wakes up first and prepares a simple breakfast for our kids before he leaves for work at 6:30 am.  When I mentioned over the phone today the great tip I heard about making green pancakes, I could easily visualize the deep sigh eminating from his chest. 

My love went to bed at about 10 pm tonight, and I, as always, had just a few more things I just had to do before I could call it a night.

I had a sudden inspiration to start the day tomorrow celebrating the holiday, and, to make the celebration as easy as possible for my love. 

I first made the green milk.  I learned today that I prefer liquid as opposed to gel food coloring; it would have saved some mixing time!  I then made the pancake mix, adding the green food coloring, using a pancake pitcher that I love.  I found it at William and Sonoma, it has a fitted cap so the batter can be made the night before- perfect!  I set up the work station for my husband in a way that would facilitate the making of the pancakes in the morning. (all pre-prepared items, of course, were placed in the fridge overnight.)

I then set the table.  I was quite dismayed that despite the fact that my entire lower level storage area in my home is dedicated to holiday decorations, I was only able to find a plastic green table cloth, some random shamrocks, and a Leprechaun hat to help me in my spontaneous St. Patrick's Day decorating session. So I worked with what I had and this is what I came up with:

I had cut the Forsynthia branches showcased in the picture above a couple of days ago, and they are JUST beginning to bloom, so I am hoping they will be more open in the morning!

I sewed these simple napkin holders over five years ago for a dinner party I had held out of one of my favorite ribbons.  The colors fit well within the St. Paddy's day theme so I pulled them out of my linen closet.

I also enlisted the help of our family's favorite teddy bear by its donning of the Leprechaun hat and holding my anniversary present to my husband.......what a trooper!


Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!

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